You can buy a home 1 yr. after your Ch. 7 bankruptcy is discharged.

If you had to declare bankruptcy because your income was reduced by at least 20% you can qualify for the FHA Back to Work program. Which allows you to buy a home 1 yr. after your Ch. 7 bankruptcy was discharged.



The income reduction had to be at least for 6 months. You will also have to get counseled 30 days prior to applying for a mortgage. Your credit has to be good since the bankruptcy. You cannot have any lates on housing history or installment loans (auto loans etc..). The min credit score needed for this program is 580 if you want to put down only 3.5%, if you have more to put down you could go as low as 550. This program is only for people who  had a reduction in income. Barclay Butler Financial Inc. is currently doing these loans, they are manually underwritten. Please contact me with any questions.