You can buy a home 2 yrs. after your Ch. 7 bankruptcy is discharged.

If you declared chapter 7 bankruptcy you only need to wait 2 years from the date of discharge to buy a home. It is very important to rebuild your credit with 3 secured credit cards right after your bankruptcy has been filed.  When your 2 years seasoning on the bankruptcy is up you will have great credit again. Then you can buy a home, car etc.



Your credit has to be good since the bankruptcy. You cannot have any lates on housing history or installment loans (auto loans etc..). The min credit score needed for this program is 580 if you want to put down only 3.5%. If you have more to put down you could go as low as 500. Barclay Butler Financial Inc. is currently doing these loans. Please contact me with any questions. Barclay Butler 224-420-9990 or email me