What is the fastest way to rebuild your credit or increase your credit score.

The fastest way to rebuild your credit score or increase it after a BK, foreclosure, deed in lieu of or a short sale is to get a credit card most likely it will have to be a secured credit card.If you happen to be a person without any credit this will work also.

secured cc

A credit card is considered revolving debt not installment debt like a auto, secured or unsecured loan. These loans you have to pay back with a specific monthly payments. When you add an installment loan to your credit report usually you score will not increase. When you add a credit card to your credit report your score will increase, sometimes by as much as 40-60 points for one card. I always recommend getting 2-3 credit cards, this will help you build your credit portfolio and keep the score increasing. You do not want to put anymore than 20% of the actual credit limit on the credit card. If you go over 20% you will actually see your credit score start lowering. I have been helping customers increase their credit scores for years, without any charge to them. You do not have to spend money on a credit repair specialist 99% of the time.