No Doc / No Ratio Investment Property loan are back.

Do you own or want to own an investment property but, you keep getting turned down because your income is not sufficient or you own too many investment properties. These new loans do not verify your income. As long as you can put down 15% or you have 25% equity in your property you can get one of these loans. You can use this loan for a purchase or a refinance including cash out.

The minimum credit score required for this loans is 620. This loan can be used on single family homes, town homes (PUD), condos, non-warantable condos, modular homes and 2-20 unit properties. There is no limit on how many homes you own. Minimum loan size is $75,000 and maximum loan size is $3,500,000. You can be a US citizen or a foreign national. For a purchase a 100% gift is allowed. Rates start at 8% for a 30 yr fixed loan.

Barclay Butler Financial is currently offering these loans. If interested please call, text or email me. Barclay Butler 224-420-9990,