Consolidate your bills with a 95% LTV Bill consolidation loan. Only need 5% equity in your home.

This new program allows you to consolidate your bills up to 95% LTV. Only need 5% equity in your house.

FHA mortgages allow up to 85% LTV or 15% equity needed in your home. Conventional (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) mortgages allow up to 80% LTV or 20% equity needed in your home.

This mortgage requires a minimum credit score of a 740. You can have down to a 660 credit score for a maximum LTV of 90% or 10% equity needed. If your score is low we go down to a 500 credit score at 85% LTV or 15% equity needed in your home.This mortgage will allow you to pay off your current mortgage if you have one and all of your other debts. You can payoff auto, motorcycle, boat, RV, student & personal loans. You can also payoff all of your credit cards.

This mortgage is available to owner occupied homes. The home cannot be an investment property or a second home. There are loans available for these types of properties, but with a lower LTV.

This mortgage can save you thousands of dollars a month with your cash out of pocket to pay your bills.

Barclay Butler Financial Inc. does offer this mortgage. If you are interested you can call or text Barclay Butler at 224-420-9990. His email is

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